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Demonstration plots

The basis instrument used under the project is demonstration plots which have probably the highest information impact on the target groups and serves as a strong argument for indirect beneficiaries in favor of the need to apply necessary measures. Demonstration plots are very useful when highlighting and promoting the results in terms of productivity, reduced production costs, better quality of final product, etc.

Totally, the project supported the establishment of 50 demonstration plots. They are located on the project beneficiaries’ land plots who have been identified and selected by the project implementation team during the awareness and information campaign delivered in rural areas throughout the entire country.

Measure_1.jpg             Measure_2.jpg

The establishment of demonstration plots has been co-financed by both the project and its beneficiaries. The financial support was provided exclusively for investments in procurement or improvement of the drought mitigation technologies. In particular, the project will co-finance the procurement of drought resistant varieties/hybrids, energetic plants, modern irrigation systems (or parts of irrigation systems) with low energy consumption and/or supplied with alternative energy sources, works and services related to establishment of water tanks collecting rainfall water, services and equipment needed for establishment and functioning of Water Users Associations.

Measure_3.jpg             Measure_4.jpg

The selected beneficiaries have provided an evident contribution towards demo plot establishment at 1:1 rate. The priority was given to those beneficiaries whose contribution exceeded the project financial support.

The most efficient drought mitigation measures have been demonstrated on each plot. The measure types vary from one plot to another depending on the needs and weak points within the production chain identified following an information campaign. Several measures have been applied promoted on each demonstration plot when possible.

Measure_5.jpg             Measure_6.jpg

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