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ACSA has developed several training modules and conducted training programs for the project staff and beneficiaries.

1. Training project land planners

The training program is divided into 11 modules:

  1. General land reparceling project concept;
  2. Selection of rural communities for project implementation;
  3. Awareness and information campaigns in rural communities;
  4. Inventory of cadastral documents and land ownership registrations (Plan 1);
  5. Analysis of current situation and need assessment;
  6. Negotiations with land owners and other stakeholders;
  7. Assessment of land parcels;
  8. The draft land re-parceling/re-allotment plans (Plan 2);
  9. The final land re-parceling/re-allotment plans (Plan 2);
  10. Registration and execution of the land ownership alienation contracts;
  11. Project results.

2. Training and informing project beneficiaries

Besides group meetings and discussions in beneficiary rural communities, ACSA will organize and carry out 80 seminars/information events for the project beneficiaries, 4 seminars per community.

The first round of seminars will be organized at the beginning of the project as to inform land owners, rural inhabitants and local public authorities about the project objectives, methodology and expected results.

The second round of seminars will aim to disseminate land ownership inventory results and identified needs of land owners interested in consolidating their land property through market mechanisms. The events will also serve a good place where various issues will be discussed and proposals for settlement suggested.

The third round of information events aim at explaining the methodology of individual negotiations with land owners, land evaluation methods and land re-parceling plans.

The fourth round of seminars will be carried out following termination of the negotiation project stage. The main goal of this seminar is to present the final land re-parceling plan, inform about the registration procedures to be undertaken and execute the negotiated transactions.

Home   /  ACSA   /  Rural Advisory Services   /  Land Re-parcelling in 40 villages   /  Training
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