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Services and beneficiaries


Throughout the entire project period, ACSA and its network will provide services by performing the following activities:

  1. Assisting Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industry in selecting the project suitable rural communities;
  2. Developing and carrying out the training program for land planners and project beneficiaries;
  3. Carrying out an awareness and information campaign for land owners in MAFI selected rural communities;
  4. Supporting the establishment and functioning of the local supervisory committees;
  5. Verifying and reviewing land ownership situation;
  6. Elaborating paper and digital version of the land ownership maps Plan 1 (GIS MapInfo);
  7. Interviewing land owners and elaborating paper and digital version of the land mobility maps;
  8. Performing the land evaluation;
  9. Elaborating the draft re-parceling / re-allotment plans (Plan 2);
  10. Elaborating the final re-parceling / re-allotment plans (Plan2);
  11. Providing technical support to project beneficiaries in performing land transactions.



The project target group includes 50 thousands small and medium scale farms located in 40 rural communities selected to participate in the project. The total land area engaged in the project is more than 80 thousands hectares, lands that are fragmented into about 170 thousands parcels.

The activities undertaken within the land re-parceling project are based on the methodology developed by FAO, which aims at ensuring voluntary participation of beneficiaries, full transparency in all activities, application of market prices to agricultural lands, application of participative method “bottom to top”, etc.

Following a thorough process of land planning, discussions and individual negotiations with each land owner, the project will promote the application of the following land parcels operations: sale, exchange and long term lease. The costs incurred during land transactions are fully covered by the project.

Home   /  ACSA   /  Rural Advisory Services   /  Land Re-parcelling in 40 villages   /  Services and beneficiaries
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