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Agriculture and rural development
Conservation of the Biodiversity in the Ecosystem of the Downstream Nistru river

Scopul acestui proiect a fost acumularea si sistematizarea informatiei socio-economica si ecologica in regiunea Nistrului inferior (r. Stefan-Voda), precum si prestarea servicii- lor consultative de ordin ecologic locuitorilor comunitatilor rurale implicate in proiect.De serviciile proiectului au beneficiat peste 8600 de
Farm Income Analysis Handbook – 2003

The project implied a national survey regarding the costs and revenues of small and medium-size agricultural farms (up to 10 hectares) in conditions of 2003 year.
Support to Agricultural Advisory Services in Moldova

The project promoted a decentralized ACSA approach in delivering market information to private farmers and rural entrepreneurs.
Land Privatization Support Project

The aim of this project was to familiarize the land owners with their property rights and to provide legal assistance in land transactions. For this purpose, 30 regional advisers in agricultural legislation have been selected and trained.
Training and information program for agricultural producers - clients of farm stores

The goal of this project was to train over 4000 agricultural producers in the areas related to development of land market, taxing in agriculture, advanced crop growing technologies, animal breeding, agricultural legislation and economy.
Training program for the public and private veterinaries

The project aimed a professional improvement of 500 public and private veterinaries. The training program lasted 3 days and involved 500 veterinaries organized in 25 groups.
Rural Business Development Support

The goal of the project was to provide necessary consultative and informational support to the rural residents in initiating and developing new businesses and/or diversification of existing ones as well as providing consultative assistance to the developing agencies (ACA, CCA, MEGA and CDR) by informing rural population and providing support to business plans elaboration, specialized training and consultancy for the credit lines’ beneficiaries of RISP project.
Disseminating experience of arbitration tribunals

The goal of this project was to assist in the protection of rural citizens’ legal rights related to managing agricultural production assets received by rural population as a result of privatization.
21.03.2008 - 25.04.2008
The Relief and Technical Assistance Response Project to the Drought Crisis in Moldova. Selection of beneficiaries and monitoring corn seeds distribution. (21 March 2008 – 25 April 2008)

The Relief and Technical Assistance Response Project to the Drought Crisis in Moldova has been developed mostly as a response to the emergency needs resulted from the harsh drought that has affected the country during summer time of 2007. It has been designed based on the general assessment report provided jointly by FAO experts and Global Food Program in July - August 2007. The project is financially supported by United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).
Agribusiness Development Project

Within this project, ACSA was responsible for promotion of the grant program among its clients – agricultural producers and associations of producers aiming to identify the eligible candidates for the grants as well as assistance to candidates in elaboration of project proposals.
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Home   /  ACSA   /  Additional Projects   /  Implemented projects   /  Agriculture and rural development
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