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Agriculture and rural development
Technical assistance for potential competitive grants beneficiaries

The project was implemented at the request of East-West Management Institute aiming to organize and carry out a training program for potential beneficiaries of the grants offered by this company within the Private Farmers Assistance Project (PFAP).
Agricultural Pollution Control Project

Within this project, ACSA was responsible for training of 35 trainers, ACSA regional consultants who trained later about 350 local consultants. The fields of training were related to: manure management, organic nutrients management, soil erosion and mitigation measures as well as good agricultural practices.
Land Re-parcelling Project (August 2007 – February 2009)

The Moldova Land Re-Parceling Pilot Project was started on 1. August 2007 and will run until 1. February 2009. The main aim of the project is to contribute to local agricultural development through a more rational use of the land and enlargement of the land parcels
Information and training program of agricultural producers – beneficiaries of IPHD Company

The goal of this project was to train the beneficiaries of the grants provided by IPHD Company in the areas of autumn cereals, vegetables, fruits and table grapes growing technologies, agricultural legislation as well as farm management.
21.06.2007 - 21.03.2009
Project Increasing Quantity and Quality of Agricultural Products for Export at Farm Level (July 2007 – March 2009)

The project “Increasing Quantity and Quality of Agricultural Products for Export at Farm Level” started in July 2007 and will finalize in March 2009. It is realized by Agribusiness Development Project (ADP) implemented by consulting company Citizens Network for Foreign Affairs (CNFA) in close collaboration with the National Agency for Rural Development (ACSA). The project is put into action thanks to generous support provided by United States Agency for International Development (USAID).
Training and information program of the winter apples and table grapes producers - clients of the Basfruct Ltd Company

The primary objective of the project was training of 300 specialists, employees of 15 winter apples and table grapes producing agricultural enterprises.
Small Farms Rehabilitation Project

The goal of this project was rehabilitating small agricultural farms through improving the efficiency of production process, creating new working places and increasing the exports of agricultural products from rural areas.
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